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Trail Heads: Meet Long-Nong Huang

Vol 1: Long-Nong Huang @long.explorer

We spoke with Long-Nong Huang, a German outdoor and travel photographer, about how he started, his experiences, and what keeps him exploring. 

How did you get into nature photography?

“I got my first camera for my trip to Iceland and used the chance to capture the amazing landscape there. After I came back, I started to share the photos on Instagram. From then on photography became a thing for me and I went on road trips as often as I could.”

Any photos you are particularly proud of?

“On my last trip to Norway, we were lucky to see the northern lights just before we went back home. At the time, chances of seeing them were low. But I went on a night hike to a place in the mountains with many beautiful cabins and just as I arrived the lights got so much stronger! It was absolutely mesmerizing!”

What keeps you exploring?

"Sometimes I see photos of places that look so different and unreal, that it's hard to believe that they're real. It's always amazing to visit and see them with my own eyes."

What advice do you wish you had known when you started?

“No matter what you do, it will be great as long as you love it and you're passionate about it.”

Thank you Long-Nong Huang for sharing your adventures and experiences with us. Be sure to follow along for more incredible shots and stories through his account @long.explorer.

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