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Gentlemen's Guidebook

A blog for exploration, discovery and adventure, brought to you by Gentlemen's Hardware and Barrel & Oak.

Beard-tober: The History and The Shave

As the leaves change their colors and the air turns crisper, a unique celebration takes center stage - Beard-tober. This jovial and distinctive occasion, now in it's third week, is...

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National Public Lands Day 2023

Exploring the Beauty of Our Nation: Celebrating National Public Lands DayAs the crisp autumn breeze rustles through the leaves and the sun casts a golden hue over the sprawling landscapes,...

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The Latest From Gentlemen's Hardware

In the world of modern craftsmanship and timeless style, Gentlemen's Hardware has consistently stood as a beacon of quality and innovation. With a legacy of offering exceptional tools, accessories, and...

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