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Outdoors 101: Pack In, Pack Out

In honor of the spring season beginning and the urge to get outdoors being always present, we wanted to take some time this month to review a common travel practice of "Pack In, Pack Out". So what is "Pack In, Pack Out?" 

"Pack In, Pack Out" is a policy in many local, state, and national parks that helps keep our wildlife's clean. It is also incorporated into the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace which encourages us all to be better stewards of the outdoors to protect it for the next generations to come. 

The "Pack In, Pack Out" mantra is pretty straight forward - If you bring it into the woods, you bring it out of the woods. As users of public land, we have a responsibility to keep it clean. In these efforts, we have curated a selection of our outdoor products that we believe will make it easy to keep true to the "Pack In, Pack Out" policy. 

Enamel Mugs

Enamel Mugs Gentlemen's Hardware

Bringing your own mug into the great outdoors is an easy way to keep plastic off the trail. Whether you're on a day-trip or an overnight camping expedition, our Enamel Mugs are a great way to keep you caffeinated while keeping the trail clean. Picture here is our Great Outdoors Lake & Ducks Enamel Mugs

Camping Blanket

Camping Blanket Gentlemen's Hardware

A camping blanket is an easy way to keep all your crumbs in one spot while having a picnic outdoors or staying warm at an overlook. This blanket is easily rolled up to fit in your pack so you never have to compromise comfort or the cleanliness of the great outdoors.

Great Outdoors Kit 

Survival Kit Gentlemen's Hardware

The Survival of the Fittest Great Outdoors Kit is the ultimate outdoor companion. This kit keeps the trails clean and you safe with a fire starter tool, 6-in-1 penknife tool, tweezers, 210cm rope, 10 safety pins and wire saw. Packaged in a convenient tin, we made it easy to travel without losing any important pieces. 

Portable BBQ

Gentlemen's Hardware Portable BBQ

You can grill wherever the adventure takes you with this Portable Barbecue. This lightweight grill is the perfect companion for spontaneous picnics, camping on the beach, and summer festivals. The easy set up and clean up makes it the ideal grill for keeping the park clean while still enjoy your charcoal grilled meal. 

No matter where The Adventure Begins this season, be sure to follow the "Pack in, Pack Out" policy and help keep our public land clean. 

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