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Back to Basics: How to Shave Your Face

We get it… sometimes you need to have a refresher on the basics. There is no shame in wanting to step up your shave game or learn what manscaping means for you. Thankfully, you can lean on us for some grooming tips and tricks to save you from all the ingrown hairs, clogged pores, and razor burn. 

Follow along below for a complete guide on how to shave your face:

Wet and Wash

Washing face

We recommend using a quality cleanser and warm water to prepare the skin for shaving. Washing with our Face Wash from the Close Shave Kit helps remove the excess oil and grime. Warm water helps open the pores to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. We recommend shaving after the shower to save water and your pores.

Scrub ‘til Smooth

Gently use an exfoliating scrub to lift away dead skin cells and leave your face ready for a smooth, close shave. By using an exfoliant, you are clearing the way and helping prevent razor burn and clogged pores. (Nice work!)

Oil Up 

Beard oil

Whether you are shaving off a beard or wanting to avoid a 5 o’clock shadow, our Shave Prep & Beard Oil helps soften whiskers and nurture the skin. Warm a few drops of oil in your hands and massage on the face to help the razor glide smoothly over the skin.

Lather for Liftoff 

Have fun and get a luxurious lather with our Shave Brush and Shave Soap. We recommend brushing in upward motions to lift hair away from the face. If the Classic Shave Soap isn’t your style, we recommend our Conditioning Shave Cream.

Razor Check

For the big moment of impact, we suggest using a clean and sharp razor to get the best results. It is also best to shave with the grain meaning that you should shave in the direction the hair moves. Shaving this way reduces the chances of ingrown hair and red bumps. In a tight spot, it is okay to shave in the direction that feels most comfortable.

Simple Strokes

For a safe and close shave, we recommend shaving with light, gentle strokes. In between strokes, you should rinse the blade with warm water to minimize friction and drag. Skin irritation with shaving ends today!

Cold Water to Close

Washing face

After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores. This step keeps your skin happy by countering any nicks that may have occurred and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs.

Post Shave Pampering

After putting your skin through stress, it’s best to moisturize your skin to keep your pores clean, skin calm, and prevent redness. We suggest our Shave Balm in the Close Shave Kit to nourish your skin and get back to your day. 

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