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Adventure Awaits: Our Top 5 Travel and Outdoor Goods for 2022

Whether you have already scheduled your adventures or are still browsing between new destinations or classic spots, Gentlemen's Hardware wants to support all your 2022 expeditions. We put together a shortlist of some of our favorite products to inspire you to get outside this year - even if your idea of the outdoors is just stepping onto your balcony or a walk around the neighborhood, we have something that can help kickstart some new habits in the new year. 

In 2021, Gentlemen's Hardware was here to support all your outdoor excursions no matter the destination. We took this past year to expand and further our connection with you by making our site a one-stop shop for your hygiene needs with our line of Barrel and Oak shave, body, and hair products. We can’t wait for the year of adventures ahead. 

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#5 Starting off with an essential, we recommend taking our Exfoliating Soap Bar - Black Oak 6 oz. on your adventures to provide a refreshing clean while sticking to your low waste resolutions. If Black Oak isn’t your style, we also have a refreshing Mountain Sage option. 

#4 Designed for functional living, this Glow in the Dark Water Bottle is the perfect pair for all your late-night walks, overnight camping trips, or anyone who is still a bit afraid of the dark (We saw the movie… we get it!). This bottle’s mountainous terrain design reminds you of all the adventures awaiting - even if you are stuck in the office in the meantime. It’s the perfect partner for a walk around the block or through the woods! 

#3 There should always be time for a nap on your adventure and with our Travel Hammock, you can conveniently take relaxation anywhere you go. Durable, compact, and willing to hang out just about anywhere, the Travel Hammock is every adventurer’s best friend. It’s the perfect portable hammock for forest expeditions or backyard retreats. 

#2 You can’t always ensure the weather matches the predictions, so our silver medal for 2022 must-have outdoor accessories goes to our Waterproof Dry Bag. We know how important it is to keep your valuables clean and dry on an expedition and with this lightweight and durable travel accessory, it’s easy! Just fold three times and lock to keep everything protected and ready for your return to society. 

#1: And coming in as our must-have for every adventure is our 24-Hour Deodorant - Mountain Sage 2.7 oz. This aluminum-free deodorant keeps you fresh and clean no matter where life takes you. We picked this scent just in case you run into Adam Levine… we heard he is a big fan. If Mountain Sage isn’t your style, we can also keep you fresh and confident all day long with Black Oak or Bourbon Cedar

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