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Adventure Awaits: Fall Camping Essentials

A chill in the air makes for perfect camping weather! Fall is a wonderful time to escape the city and explore trails filled with changing colors and refreshing winds. Whether you are escaping after work or headed out on an overnight backpacking trip, we are here to share some of our favorite camping accessories to help you get outdoors and make the most of the autumn season before the cold arrives.  

1. Something Essential - Camping Cutlery

Gentlemen's hardware multi tools 4 stainless steel and wood multi tools on wooden background

An essential for all adventures - This Camping Cutlery tool is a multi-functional and exceptionally durable cutlery tool to eat your favorite foods and pop the top off your favorite drinks. The fork and spoon are both detachable for mealtimes to make it easy to use both tools at once. Each stainless steel utensil folds neatly back into the smart wooden handle for easy traveling and packing.

2. Something Useful - Portable BBQ

portable bbq grill alongside wooden grill tools in a campsite with corn on the grill

Grill up a storm no matter where the road takes you using the Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Barbecue. This travel BBQ set is both versatile and lightweight making it perfect for spontaneous picnics or planned overnight adventures. It's easy to set up and includes a grill and coal tray for real barbecues, anywhere at anytime.

If you're looking to step up you're grilling game at the camp-site, we also recommend our BBQ Multi-Tool which includes a spatula for flipping burgers, basting brush for all your best marinades, a two pronged fork for even turning on the grill, and corkscrew for all your drink needs as you grill.  

3. Something Fun - Travel Hammock

Gentlemen's hardware blue travel hammock in the green woods with a person laying in it

Naps are an essential part of great adventures, especially with fall winds putting you to sleep. With our Travel Hammock, you can relax anywhere you go with the portable, compact carrying case and easy hanging methods. This hammock is truly an adventurer's best friend no matter what your destination is. 

4. Something Sharp - Wilderness Multi-Tool

Wilderness Multi Tool with stainless steel tools open on wood background

Go confidently into the wild with the Wilderness Multi-Tool by Gentlemen's Hardware. Designed for camping trips and forays into outdoor survival, this is an essential bit of kit for explorers, wanderers and lovers of the great outdoors.

This multi-tool includes attachments include knife blade, saw, tin/bottle opener, corkscrew, flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and a removable flint rod. The compact handle makes for a sturdy hold in all your wilderness encounters. 

To use the fire starter, simply remove the flint rod from the multi-tool and scrape away the black protective coating and reveal the magnesium underneath. Scrape off a small amount from the rod onto some tinder or paper. Firmly scrape the flint rod with the saw blade to create a spark and ignite the magnesium shavings and tinder. Carefully continue to add wood kindling to help fuel the fire and enjoy your cozy evening around the flame! 

5. Something Extra - Log Carrier

navy and green canvas log carrier with handles being held in one hand

Move wood with ease with our durable canvas Log Carrier. This log carrier features reinforced handles to easily haul firewood around the camp site or into your cabin. This firewood carrier is easily folded up into your pack to carry along without adding too much weight to your kit. 

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